China Lake Air Show
China Lake Air Show


The following list details items, materials, vehicles, etc which are not authorized to be brought aboard NAWS China Lake during the 2017 Airshow. Current world and local events, in conjunction with Security and Safety requirements dictate these prohibitions. Case-by-Case exemptions may be considered based upon medical necessity or other verifiable needs. All vehicles and personal items are subject to search at any time.

  • Recreational Vehicles (Motor Homes, 5th Wheel, Camp Trailers, etc)
  • Trucks with Campers
  • Multi-Axle vehicles of any kind (3 or more)
  • Semi-Truck or Big Rigs (Towing or Bob-tailed)
  • No towed vehicles, trailers or equipment
  • Any Firearm, ammunition or explosives (CCW Permits not authorized)
  • Any Other Weapons: (Knives, Batons, Martial Arts gear, etc.)
  • OC Pepper Spray, Mace, other defense sprays
  • Any Pets (Except for Official Service Animals, Owner must be able to Poop Scoop)
  • Alcoholic Beverages (Beer, Wine or Liquor)
  • Drugs, Narcotics, Marijuana or any Paraphernalia
  • Glass Bottles, Jars or Containers
  • Any Flammable Liquids or Substances
  • Propane or Natural Gas bottles or cylinders
  • Lighters, Matches or any device which produces a spark or flame.
  • Bicycles, Scooters, Razors, Skateboards, Rollerskates, In-Lines, Hide-Aways, Hoverboards (Powered boards)
  • Drones or Remotely Operated Items of any size, style or design
  • Laser Pointers or other Laser Devices
  • Bags, Backpacks or Containers of any size , including Equipment cases or duffel bags
    • Designated medical and diaper bags excepted – subject to search and verification
  • Ice Chests, Suitcases, Luggage, etc.
  • Motorcycle or Street Gang related clothing or attire, colors, patches or any display of inappropriate materials or items. Anything which depicts or supports Hatred, Racism, Prejudice, etc.
  • Food or Beverages (Except Baby food, formula, water bottles, etc.)
  • Two-Way Radios (FM, CB, SSB, GMRS, etc) or Scanners